My Running Story

                                                      That's me after my first 6 mile run

In January of 2010, I was sitting at my computer and  decided that I wanted to start running.  Literally, it was just like that.  I knew the health benefits and all that good stuff.  I looked at Matt and said "I want to start running."  I researched different running plans and found  I went that day in the middle of a snowfall.  It was exactly what I needed to build up to 3 miles.  It wasn't easy....I'm definetely not blessed with the running gene. Running is HARD WORK for me. 

I had just gotten to the 3 mile mark when my step mom passed away.  Running was pushed to the side for the better part of almost a year.

After a couple non running related injuries, I decided to hop on a treadmill in May of 2011 and just see what I could do.  I BLEW through 3.1 miles like it was nothin'!!  I dont use any running plans now;  I just make a goal for myself and try to do it.

My first official race is on July 9th, 2011.  It's a 5k and I'm nervous/scared.  It's not so much the distance, it's just that I haven't actually ran in a race before.  Wish me luck!!