Thursday, June 16, 2011

This. Actually. Happened.


It's true. I walked into work today and was informed there would be pizza AND cupcakes today. Clearly, the food gods thought they would be funny today. I was in too much shock to snap a picture.

My reaction:


For the most part, I eat healthy. However, when nice, greasy, fattening, melting cheese gloriousness is placed in front of me I could eat 3....boxes. The same goes with cupcakes. I will eat them until I'm blue in the face. I couldn't not eat any of it, so I had one piece of pizza (after I googled the nutrition facts of course) and the top of a cupcake.

Success in my book if you ask me. I wanted to face dive into the pepperoni pizza.

*Workout this morning*

35 minutes of total body weights followed by 20 minutes of HIIT ( I really like doing this a few times a week after my weight training. Mine was done on the treadmill this morning and looked like this: 1:30 secs easy followed by 30 secs hard core. My easy mph was 3.5 and my hard core was 7.5. I ninja kicked about an extra 200 calories in those 20 minutes.

*Question of the night:

What is one food (or food type) that makes you want to eat until you explode?

For me, it would be mexican food!!

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